PakissanTrade will soon be bringing following services to Agri business community.

By applying technology effectively, PakissanTrade seeks to provide business enterprises wide variety of tools enabling them to make the best of internet.


PakissanTrade provides easy access to the relevant trade enable businesses in selecting their markets.

Trade Promotion

The diverse array of product and services available will be promoted at a much lower cost. Product seeding will enable producers and sellers to introduce new products at discounted prices and for buyers to "seed" products to retailers in order to gauge consumer response.

PakissanTrade will assist buyers and sellers in transaction development and trade agreement through appointed shippers and forwarders, inspectors, trade financiers and insurance agents.

• Transparent process
• Competitive process
• Choice of formal and informal transaction
• Ease of repeat orders through the virtual system

Trade Facilitation

A Risk Mitigation system ensures that goods being transported be inspected at several points and certificates of inspection be issued at four points:

• Post-production inspection
• Pre-shipment inspection
• Post -shipment inspection at port
• Inspection at buyers site

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Trade Closure

PakissanTrade provides feedback mechanism to measure performance and to benchmark against industry standards to ensure continuous improvement. An integrated system across the supply chain enables the capture of performance data to generate reports for post-trade evaluation and risk mitigation systems.